Age Friendly Tools


Senior Friendly™ Program Overview

Click here for the downloadable PDF that gives you essential awareness of what the program can achieve.

Senior Friendly™ Business Quick Guide

Click here for the downloadable PDF that outlines some of the basic requirements for your business to be considered age-friendly and Senior Friendly™.


Across the Generations Respect All Ages

An education tool kit developed the Health Agency of Canada.

Get the tool kit and learn more here:

Watch an 11-minute video "Seniors Are Cool!" that is part of this tool kit:


Global Age-friendly cities: a guide

The purpose of this guide is to engage cities to become more age-friendly so as to tap the potential that older people represent for humanity. It describes the converging trends of rapid growth of the population over 60 years of age and of urbanization, outlines the challenge facing cities, and summarizes the research process that led to identifying the core features of an age-friendly city.

Age friendly Rural and Remote Communities: a Guide

Healthy Aging and Seniors in Rural and Remote Communities.

Tools and Resources for Becoming Age Friendly - Alberta Health

A guide for local action provides a step-by-step approach for undertaking an age-friendly initiative in your community.

Senior Friendly Hospital Toolkit

With processes in place, quality of life can be improved.


Additional Age Friendly Resources programs_services/documents/ PDF/home-for-life.pdf


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